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Lori Goldblatt

Companion to life transitions

Hello and Welcome,

I’m imagining that you are here as a result of some challenges that may be going on in your life or in the lives of those you care about. 

I welcome you to this space, where you can show up authentically as you are in this moment. My hope is that what you will find here may bring you comfort, reassurance and ease with your life situation.

My wish is to contribute to a world where we find meaning in the pivotal moments of transition, where all people feel lovingly accompanied, and where they know that they matter until their last breath and beyond.

Holding Hands Line Art Wellness And Spa

I am committed to bringing awareness to what it means to be fully present, to listen with empathy and openness and to offer compassionate care for ourselves, for our families, for caregivers and for all who are journeying through life transitions during times of loss, healing, illness, separation, death and grief.

What I’ve noticed in my own journey as a Transitional Doula, is that even when the most tragic and painful moments are witnessed and accompanied with skillful kindness and care, there is the potential for emotional healing and even for finding the beauty inherent within these experiences.

By listening deeply to the important needs and values that are motivating people’s lives,  I am able to compassionately support the process of living and dying. Through care and companioning, presence and awareness, and supportive education and information, individuals can experience a sense of choice and empowerment even in times when they feel most vulnerable. This support often opens the door to a new experience of how living with compassion for self and others can in itself bring comfort and healing.

Guiding Principles



Empowerment & Collaboration

Learning & Growth

Choice & Creativity

Integrity & Dignity

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